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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Analysis of the World Web Search Volume of kobosetup.com

From the map of the world distribution of the national and regional web search volume, we can see Canada and a certain European country on it. But the color of Canada is much heavier than the color of the European country, which implies that the volume of the former is much larger than that of the latter.

The web search volume of Canada is 100% and takes up the leading position on the rank list of the national and regional world web search. The second one is France but the volume of it is 20%.

It is a truth that Kobo is an electrical product brand under Canada. So it explains why the web search volume of Canada is so large

According to the search of Baidu, there is a brand of eBooks named France eBooks in France. The content of the eBooks is innumerous and they are very welcomed and popular in France. So it is reasonable to see France on the list.

There is no any result showing which city is on the list of city rank of the web search volume of kobosetup.com. According to Baidu search, formerly the product brand of kobosetup.com belongs to Canada but it was purchased by Japan later. It mainly serves for Japanese people after it was purchased. As a result there is no any city of the top two countries on the list.